GlobalTech India


To be one of the leading companies in the world, providing innovative products to the customers, with the latest and accurate technologies.


Providing Intelligent Solution globally by delivering right product at the very first time and keeping aligmnent with customer objective.

Core Values

Providing Innovative and One-stop solution. Fostering on Excellence and Teamwork. Maintaining Discipline and Integrity.


What We Are?

GlobalTech, established in 1999, offers complete Product development and IT consulting services.We have global presence in countries such as USA, Singapore, Israel, Nederland, Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium as well as India. We are continuously expanding our operations on an international level.

GlobalTech (India) Pvt. Ltd. with over 1500+ man-years strong experience, has executed over 200+ projects in the last decade for different industries, demanding varied technologies and constraints for customers across the globe.Our products cater to various industries such as Space and Defence industry, Medical Industry and many more.

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